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The Winter White Russian Hamster, (Phodopus sungorus)

Normal Winter White Russian Hamsters

These are very similar to the Campbell's Russian hamster; some people think they may, in fact, be the same species.  They are, however, more "egg shaped" in conformation than the Campbell's variety, with less broad shoulders.  In addition, Normal, (Grey), Winter Whites tend to be a clearer Grey than Normal Campbell's hamsters, with less of a brownish tinge.  Winter White hamsters, also called Siberian hamsters, come from the steppes of Siberia and Kazakhstan and possess an adaptation not seen in Campbell's; they can moult into a white winter coat.  This camouflages them against the snow and also gives them their name.  As well as the Normal, (Grey), captive Winter White hamsters may be Sapphire, (Blue Grey) or Pearl, (permanently in the winter coat).

Pearl Winter White Russian Hamsters

In temperament Winter White Russian hamsters are similar to the Campbell's Russian hamster; confident, outgoing and friendly.

Winter White Exhibition Standards

Normal NHC Standard
Pearl NHC Standard
Sapphire NHC Standard
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