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Silver Grey, (Sg), also called Dominant Grey

The Silver Grey gene, a natural mutation, has only been known in the United Kingdom since 1991, when it was imported from Sweden. Since it is a dominant gene, a hamster only needs to inherit it from one parent to show the silver coat characteristic of this colour. Unlike Light Grey, however, mating two Silver Greys together causes no reduction in litter sixe. Many Silver Grey litters contain an "offshoot" of Silver Grey often called Silver Grey Sepia. This colour has a brownish tinge to the coat, rather than the clear Silver Grey called for by the standard. It is probable that Silver Sepias are the animals most likely to be carrying other colours, for example, Golden.

NHC Standard
TOP COAT Light Silvery Grey
BASE COLOUR Dark Slate Grey
BELLY FUR Light Silvery Grey to the roots-no ticking
CRESCENTS Light Silvery Grey
TICKING Heavy and evenly ticked with Black (excluding belly fur)
CHEEK FLASHES Concentrated Black ticking
EAR COLOUR Very dark Grey almost Black
NOTES This gene has been found to be extremely dominant. Caution should be exercised when breeding these animals.
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