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Short Haired
Short Haired Cream   Long Haired Cream


This is the natural coat type. The fur should be very short, almost "plush" and feel similar to velvet. When a shorthaired hamster's fur is stroked the wrong way, (from the tail to towards the head, the fur should "spring back" without revealing bare skin.

Since short haired is the wild type of fur, mutation affecting coat types are recessive. To be either longhair or rex a hamster must inherit a gene for the mutation from both parents - if it doesn't, then it will be shorthaired. For this reason, crossing a longhaired hamster with a shorthaired one may - or may not - produce longhaired young, but will nearly always produce shorthaired young.

Some shorthaired animals, particularly Creams, with longhaired ancestors have fur that is longer than normal, but still not longhaired. This fur does not "spring back" like true shorthaired fur does. Although it does not affect the hamster's health, it is a very common fault in show animals.

NHC Standard

The fur shall be soft and very dense. Special attention shall be paid to the density of the belly fur.

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