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Sable (UUee)

Prior to the arrival of the melanistic Black in the early 1990s, this colour was called the Black. It is produced by combining the dominant Umbrous gene, U, with the recessive Black Eyed Cream gene, (e). The animal is not truly black; the colour is actually a very dark brown, the colour of black coffee, and the coat is further lightened by the Cream "undercolour" at the base of each hair. (Cream also shows in the pale "spectacles" or eye rings). This colour has a tendency to "fade" with increasing age, and the show life is correspondingly shortened, but they are nevertheless very attractive animals.

Since the Cream gene is recessive the hamster will have to inherit it from both parents, but the Umbrous gene, (being dominant), need only be from one. Therefore, Sables can be bred to other Sables, (which, for producing "show stock", may be preferable), but can also be mated to Cream hamsters. The litter may then contain a mixture of Sables and Creams. If the recessive Cinnamon gene is included in the mixture, (for example, by mating to Red Eyed Cream), the Sable hamster, (with black eyes), may be used to produce the Mink, (which has red). (A Mink hamster is effectively a Sable animal which is also pure breeding for Cinnamon).

NHC Standard
TOP COAT Black, carried well down. The eyes shall be ringed with fine ivory cream hairs.
BASE COLOUR Ivory cream
EAR COLOUR Dark grey, almost black
NOTES This is not a solid jet black animal due to the presence of its undercolour. Browning will be penalised.
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