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Lilac (dgdg pp)

Lilac hamsters are formed by the combination of the Cinnamon gene, p, and the Dark Grey gene, dg. Either Cinnamons or Dark Greys are compatible mates for Lilac; the litter will consist of young that resemble the non lilac parent, (i.e., are Cinnamon or Dark Grey, as appropriate).

As a result of being derived from Dark Grey, Lilac hamsters can carry the "kinky tail" genetic fault. Animals with bent or curled tails should not be bred from, as this is believed to lead to spinal problems, as it does in Manx cats.

When Lilacs are bred only to other Lilacs for several generations, the young are not infrequently smaller than average, as a result of the influence of the dg gene. This progressive reduction of size can be minimised by mating "out" to Cinnamons every few generations.

NHC Standard
LILAC (dgdgpp)
TOP COAT Soft pale grey with pinkish tone
BASE COLOUR Soft pale grey
CRESCENTS Ivory with a pinkish tone
CHEST BAND Soft pale grey with pinkish tone
EYE COLOUR Claret red
EAR COLOUR Pinkish grey
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