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Light Grey (Lg), also called Lethal Grey

This gene is a naturally occurring mutation. Inheritance is simple; the Light Grey gene is dominant, so a hamster can be Light Grey even if it only inherits the gene from one parent. To slightly complicate this, the Light Grey gene, Lg, causes death of young inheriting it from both parents. These young die at a very early stage of development in their mother's uterus and are reabsorbed. This means that mating Light Grey to Light Grey can always produce some young that are NOT Light Grey. (Any live Light Grey animals must "carry" the gene lg for non Light Grey because, if they didn't, they would have died before birth. Also, due to the "missing" LgLg young, the litter sizeat birth is only three quarters the "expected" size. The expected ratio of colours from a Light Grey to Light Grey mating would therefore be two thirds Light Grey, (carrying "non Light Grey"), and one third "Non Light Grey", (usually Golden).

Light Grey combines with Cream to produce Ivory and with Cinnamon to produce Blonde.

NHC Standard
TOP COAT Buttermilk-grey, carried approximately one third of the way down
BASE COLOUR Dark slate grey
BELLY FUR Buttermilk, with grey base-colour
CRESCENTS Buttermilk
TICKING Heavily and evenly ticked with dark grey, almost black, shaded as for dark golden
CHEST BAND Dark brown/grey
CHEEK FLASHES Dark grey, almost black (concentrated ticking)
EAR COLOUR Dark grey
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