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Golden, Dark

All wild Syrian hamsters are Golden coloured. They have a slate grey undercoat, a mahogany brown colouration and dark tips to the hair. Selective breeding has emphasised and enhanced these attractive colourations to produce the Dark Golden. Since it is the "wild type", it is a common colour in captivity. When two hamsters are mated which do not have compatible colour genes, (for example, Dark Grey and Cinnamon), the young will often "default" to Dark Golden colouration because they will not show either mutant gene.

NHC Standard
GOLDEN, DARK ++ (Wild type agouti)
TOP COAT Rich dark mahogany red carried approximately one third of the way down
BASE COLOUR Dark slate grey
BELLY FUR Ivory, with grey undercolour
CRESCENTS Pale ivory, almost white
TICKING Heavily and evenly ticked with black, dorsal line and hair on scalp intensely shaded. Face to be swarthy with black eye rings
CHEST BAND Rich dark mahogany red
EAR COLOUR Dark grey, almost black
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