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This colour is formed by the interaction of four genes; Umbrous, Black Eyed Cream, Cinnamon and Rust. Since all but the first of these genes are recessive, and thus have to be inherited from both parents to be shown, the colour is extremely rare.

Copper animals mated to each other will breed true, (i.e., only produce Copper young), but the chances of finding two Coppers of opposite sex is minimal. If two individuals both carrying all the genes required to produce Copper are mated to each other, the proportion of Coppers expected in the litter is so low as to be negligible, (about 1 in 85), that it can be ignored. (For anyone willing to try such odds, the correct genes can be obtained by mating Mink to Rust and then mating two of the Sooty Golden offspring together).

The only really practical way to breed Coppers is mate one of the very rare Copper individuals to Sable or Mink and then mating a youngster back to its Copper parent. From a mating to Sable, the second generation mating, (offspring to parent), would be expected to produce around 25% Copper youngsters, (one in four). From a mating to Mink the ratio would be higher, 50% or one in two.

NHC Standard
COPPER (UUeebbpp)
TOP COAT Rich clear copper to the roots
BASE COLOUR Rich clear copper
BELLY FUR Rich clear copper
EAR COLOUR Copper grey
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