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Cinnamon (pp)

Cinnamon is one of the most important “base” colours in the hamster. It’s genes can be combined with: - Yellow to create Honey; Dark Grey to make Lilac; Black Eyed Cream to create the less popular Red Eyed Cream; besides its use in the production of Mink, Blonde, Red Eyed Ivory and the rarely seen but very attractive Cinnamon Fawn. As you will agree a very useful gene.

However, before venturing into these “mixed” colours I believe that it is important to get the Cinnamon right. A good Cinnamon should glow and there should be no mistaking it for a poor Honey or Copper!

If you want to breed Cinnamons try to obtain the purest lines possible when picking babies to keep. The colour above the nose is usually the colour the adult will eventually reach. The richer and brighter the orange the better. Particular care should be taken in selecting a hamster with an even slate blue undercoat. The top coat must be free of ticking and especially white guard hairs, which I have noticed in a few exhibits of late. Although not so pronounced as in the Dark Golden there should be distinct Crescents (Ivory) and well defined Flashes. Also pay attention to Chest Bands which should have a fine hairline separation not wide open. (Yes, judges still do look at them!)

Eyes should be bright Claret Red. You should always give a Cinnamon time to develop and darken with age. They do get better with age. It goes without saying that you should also look at Type, Fur, and Condition.

This colour mutation has been with us since the late 50’s so let’s not lose this beautiful colour. Breed true and enjoy!

Jane Addis (Miss)

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