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Colour and markings   30 points
Type   25 points
Fur   20 points
Size   10 points
Condition   10 points
Eyes and Ears   5 points

Colour to include: - Top coat, Ticking if present, Under coat, Belly fur, Colour of feet, Eye colour, Ear colour, Arches and stripes.

Type to include: - Head, Body, Legs and Tail.

Fur to include: - Overall coverage of fur as per Standard.

- All judges must use this system and the judge's decision is final.


- The penalties shall be as defined in the following table:-

Totally missing limb, eye, ear, foot or tail   Mandatory disqualification
Any physical deformity believed by the judge to be hereditary   Mandatory disqualification
Disease or intractability   Mandatory disqualification
Excess fat   Minus 5 points maximum
Sores, wounds, or scars   Minus 10 points maximum
Dirty show pen   Minus 10 points maximum

- Type, fur, size, condition, eyes and ears shall be as defined for each species.

- TYPE (25 points) - The body should be broad and cobby. The head shall be in proportion to the body with a broad skull, short face and blunt nose. The head shall be well set into the body. The legs and tail should be scarcely visible. The eyes and ears should be set well apart.

- FUR (20 points) - The fur should be soft, short and very dense giving a woolly impression. This also applies to the soles of the feet. The inside of the ears should be a little hairy.

- SIZE (10 points) - Adult range 10-12 cms.

- CONDITION (10 points) - The hamster should be fit, curious when awake and tame to handle. The flesh should be well toned with no surplus fat. The coat shall have a healthy sheen and be clean.

- EYES AND EARS (5 points) - The size of eyes and ears should be in proportion to the animal. The eyes should be rounded and not bulge. The ears should be erect, rounded and visible above the fur.

- COLOUR (30 points) - Where base colour is indicated this applies to the whole animal, excluding the belly fur.

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